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“An excellent facility that really cares for patients”

We are grateful to all the feedback and kind letters we receive from family members.

A selection of some cherished comments…

From: Resident’s Family Member

Mum has settled in and seems content with her surroundings and the care she receives.

In the last 12 months she seems to have improved both physically and mentally – the ulcers on her legs have healed and although the amount of weight she has gained may be small, she looks more healthy. This is no doubt due to having a better balanced diet.

All the staff we have met have been very friendly, attentive and caring, we are always offered tea / coffee when we visit.

Ms. Deirdre Laycock

From: Resident’s Family Member

I am writing on behalf of all the family to thank you for the love and care that you and your wonderful staff gave to Nannette over the last twenty years.

As you know Nannette passed away recently after a short illness but we witnessed a level of love and devotion to her and her wellbeing that was beyond what was reasonably expected. I know that all your staff were very fond of her and we saw their care demonstrated consistently, not just during her final days, but throughout the time she lived with you. Please can you convey our heartfelt thanks to all of the staff for their love, care and respect they showed her.

In the twenty plus years that she spent with you, we never had any concerns or doubt about her health and wellbeing. Your homes’ standards of care and cleanliness should be held up as standard for other care providers to aspire to. The meals you provided were both nutritious and beautifully presented and always took into account her dietary needs.

So once again, please let the staff know how much we appreciated you all providing a loving home for Nannette.
Warm regards

Mr. Philip Perry

From: Resident’s Family Member

I just want to take the opportunity to say what a fantastic Care Manager Jeanette is. I am so impressed by her hard work and dedication and genuine love and compassion for the residents. The kindness and standard of care from all the staff is consistently very good.

Mrs. Shona Milton

From: A Doctor

An excellent facility that really cares for my patient. The patient, who can be critical, is truly pleased with the care she receives.

Dr. C. D. Bach (GP to a Resident)