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We are committed to providing care with a ‘person centred’ approach.

At Lyndhurst, we are committed to providing care with a ‘person centred’ approach, ensuring a service that doesn’t just meet, but exceeds the CQC requirements.

Our long-established care team of Managers, Deputy and care staff have training in areas relevant to their individual roles and a wide range of experience which enables them to provide a service dedicated to individual assessed care needs.

Caring and Sensitive

Our Care Manager ensures that our plans of care are designed to promote the independence of each individual, and these care plans are delivered to each client in a caring and sensitive manner.

All care staff follow these detailed guidelines to offer maximum care to the individual.

Open Door Policy

The home actively encourages relatives to be part of the care planning and care plan reviews wherever possible.

We positively encourage regular contact between Residents and their families and friends. With our open door policy, visiting is available at any time, a key factor for working relatives and friends.

Care planning

The home has an experienced care staff team who will sit down with a resident and perform a full assessment of their needs.

The team will then involve both residents and their relatives, wherever possible and wherever wanted by the service use, in preparing a plan of care for the resident.


In this home each individual resident has what is referred to as a ‘person-centred’ plan of care. This means that it is unique to them and has been written just for them with their best interests in mind.

The plan will cover all aspects of their daily living at the home.

These plans are reviewed monthly by the management, or more often should the resident’s requirements change. All reviews are done in consultation with the resident, their relative or representative and other appropriate external social or healthcare professionals.

Details of reviews are documented and recommendations acted upon.

Key workers

Each resident is appointed a key worker on admission.

The key worker’s responsibilities include forming a special relationship with the resident, acting as a companion who will help them settle in and find their feet. The key worker will communicate with their assigned resident on each shift attended and offer help with any problems or issues connected with the running of the home.

In addition the key worker will coordinate aspects of the resident’s care.

Staff Qualifications

The home offers high quality care and this is only possible with hard working, properly qualified management and staff who are well led, regularly appraised and adequately supported through training and supervision.

High quality

Everybody in our team is considered to be important and the home’s excellent reputation testifies to the very high quality of both the care team and the support staff.

Our staff are only employed on the receipt of satisfactory references and Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) enhanced disclosures as well as a successful POVA (Protection of Vulnerable Adults) check.

Staff Training

We view staff training as of crucial importance.

Training ensures that staff are up to date and equipped with the very latest knowledge and techniques and are, above all, safe. Training also ensures that they are adequately supported and enabled to do their jobs well, and also that their career development needs are met.

As a business we can only attract and keep high quality staff if we offer such training.

Essential training

A very important area of training for us is what is referred to as ‘statutory’ or ‘mandatory’ training. This can be described as ‘essential’ training in areas to do with health and safety and includes:

  • General health and safety compliance
  • Risk Assessing Awareness
  • Fire Safety, Manual Handling (including kinetic lifting techniques)
  • Infection Control
  • First Aid Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
  • Food Hygiene.

All of our staff have attended courses in these subjects and are expected to regularly update their skills and knowledge. All of our food handlers have attended a Charter of Environmental Health certificated course in Food Safety.

All certificates obtained by our staff are available for inspection.

High Dependency Care

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We encourage daily exercises and mobility whenever possible.

We have very strong links with local Doctors and the full support of their District Nurse Teams who visit every day if required thus enabling us to provide maximum support if and when the care needs increase. This ensures the best possible service 24 hours a day.


Lyndhurst’s philosophy is to encourage daily exercises and mobility whenever possible, whether it be a walk down to the beach, a stroll through nearby St Anne’s Well Gardens (just a few minutes’ walk from the rest home), armchair ball games or a dance to music from any of our regular entertainers.